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booster // industrial design for watersupply plants wilo siboost smart helix excel




client | WILO SE

subject | product family of high-efficiency pump plants

scope | concept, draft, maturity phase



wilo-siboost smart helix, a pressure boosting system, is mainly used for cold water transport in building services and industrial applications. the new technical concepts that it employs allow for sustainable reduction of life cycle costs and energy consumption.


these characteristics are achieved using a combination of ec motor technology, innovative pump hydraulics and dedicated electronic control management. the modular design allows for an extended range of pump systems (2-4), depending on customer requirements. the cover protects the hydraulic installation from contamination and harm, and provides the system with a fully integrated appearance. all of the user interfaces are easily accessible, structured into two distinct levels and designed within the company‘s specific corporate branding.




booster model 1zu1




picture 1 to 3: first 1:1 mockup of the booster design.

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