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electro vehicles for future cities



this book describes the interdisciplinary development of an electric vehicle with special attention to customer requirements and intermodal urban mobility patterns in 2030. the result of collaboration between business economists, psychologists, designers, urban planners and engineers of design draft nrwcars ​​2030, which in a test studio („car clinic „) was tested with potential target customers of electric mobility. also included are the reactions to a visualization of the city environment in 2030, a ride in a driving simulator and a 1: 5 model of the vehicle design.    



prof. dr. heike proff, professor for general business administration & international automotive management, university of duisburg-essen

prof. dr. matthias brand, professor for general psychology: cognition, university of duisburg-essen

prof. kurt mehnert, professor for strategy & vision, president of the folkwang university of the arts, essen

prof. dr.-ing. j. alexander schmidt, department of urban planning, university of duisburg-essen

prof. dr.-ing. dieter schramm, chair in mechatronics, university of duisburg-essen  


release date 10/14/2015  


isbn 978-3-658-08457-8



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