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high pressure compressor tornado




client | Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH in Kiel

subject | development of a high-pressure compressor with noise reduction cover

scope | conception, drafting, prototyping, construction of the noise reduction cover, maturity phase, coordination of serial production



This new range of high-pressure compressors is deployed for air and gas compression. The main fields of application are in the plastic industry, natural-gas fuelling stations and for the production of oxygen in professional situations e.g. for fire brigades. The new compressor range produces up to 420 bar compressed-air and has an environmentally sound performance with low maintenance requirements and minimum oil consumption. The convincing performance of this product is provided through easy maintenance in long intervals of up to 2500 operational hours. In this way running costs can be significantly reduced for the operating company.


The innovative product concept is enhanced through a complete new arrangement of the subassemblies: The crankshaft of the compressor is positioned vertically in order to allow arrangement of the precipitate-seperator, filtration, drainage system and motor in a most space efficient way. The complete version of the compressor with its sound insulating canopy is arranged in three main functional units. Operation/monitoring, conditioning of compressed air and the compressor unit itself. This makes further innovation possible, because all relevant built-in and operating elements now face the user - and are thus easily accessible and controllable. In contrast, all the elements that are not relevant for the user have been placed at the back.


This new generation of high-pressure compressors of the series tornado was presented for the sauer & sohn maschinenbau gmbh at the Hannover Messe. The product was awarded with the if product design award.



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