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NRW Car 2.0
Folkwang Universit√§t der K√ľnste, Essen

The NRWCar 2.0 examined the requirements of an urban sharing vehicle in the form of an autonomous electric vehicle and focused on the interior.
Conception, design and final presentation were almost completely realized in Virtual Reality.

This picture was taken in the conception phase. A BMWi3 was used therefor as a test vehicle to examine autonomous driving in an 1:1 Mock-Up.
This picture shows a Mock-Up for a Smart Textile which can be used as a touchscreen during the ride.
This picture is a screenshot of a drawing in Googles Tilt Brush, where different configurations of vehicle interiors can be drafted spatially.
This picture shows the use of the sketching program Tilt-Brush with the HTC Vive.
This picture shows in the upper part probands in front of an 1:1 Mock-Up where different seating configurations can be tested and evaluated. The bottom part shows the screenshot from the same perspective of the final vehicle.
This picture is a shot with probands in one variation of possible seating configurations.
This picture shows an attendee of the final presentation who is doing a virtual reality tour in the NRW Car 2.0.