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The helmet concept „Helmut“ was developed in the design competition of the Hoepfner Foundation (1st place) and consists primarily of shock absorbing material. Thanks to the soft material, the helmet adapts to any head shape and at the same time is easily stowed away by simple volume reduction. The honeycomb-shaped hole structure also ensures a very good ventilation.

This picture shows the helmet HelMut folded in a belt of a bicyclist.
This picture shows the helmet HelMut from different perspectives.
In the explosion view this picture shows the different materials used.
This picture shows the ductility of the shock absorbing material.
This picture shows different stages of placing the helmet on your head.
This picture shows the possibilities of marketing from the placement in a regular shop up to different colour possibilities.
This picture shows a prototyp of the helmet HelMut which was 3D printed in original size with similar material.
This picture shows a prototyp of the helmet HelMut where the flexibility of the material is demonstrated.