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CDE Business GmbH, Hamburg

For the startup CDE the entire product develop­ment of the vaporizer was super­vised from the very first idea to the final product. Product design, electronics and app develop­ment are created in close coordination with each other resulting in a maximum synergy effect.

This was the only way to accelerate the develop­ment process on the one hand and to develop an inno­vative cooling concept on the other hand, in which the cover as additional insulation both cools the vapor and protects the hand from the heat of the heating chamber.

This picture shows the vaporizer with the cover removed.
This picture shows the size ratio of the vaporizer to a human hand.
This picture shows an exploded view of the vaporizers with all important components.
This picture shows two color variations of the vaporizer. One completely black and one blue-white variant.
This picture shows a lateral detail view of the button of the vaporizer.
This picture shows the bottom side of the vaporizer with the micro USB port and the air inlet.
This picture shows a sectional view and gives an insight into the cooling concept of the vaporizer.
This picture shows the vaporizer in a domestic context on a side table.