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Wilo Connected
Wilo SE, Dortmund

Digital one of a kind: Installation »Connected« for Wilo

It floats prominently and almost weight­lessly in the open foyer of Wilo's »Pioneer Cube« in Dortmund: The digital LED installation »Connected« by tennagels Medien­technik and Mehnert Corporate Design.

Creating connections, living connections - that's what Wilo stands for as a company. This is also embodied in the multi­media instal­lation, which only functions as a compound. The almost 60 m² sail consists of 401 double, inter­linked LED elements.

These condense in the center and drift apart again at the edges, creating a dynamic and har­monious over­all image. The sand­wich-like arrange­ment allows two different images to be created across the elements - one radiating upwards, the other down­wards.

In this image, the digital artwork »Connected« can be seen as a detail from above and shows the German eight.
This image shows a close-up of the digital artwork »Connected«.

Strong symbolic power: the German eight

»Connected« can be played in different ways. The first central, strong element of both moving images is the German eight, which plows through water.

On the one hand, the Wilo-Foundation spon­sors the eight, while on the other, rowing is a symbol of success through joint effort and thus also of the company's values: community, team play, loyalty.

This image shows a section of the digital artwork »Connected« from below.
In this picture, the German eight is almost completely visible from below on the digital artwork »Connected«.

Standing on the ground floor, one views the rowing boat from below. The image is acoustically under­scored by the rhythmic rowing strokes muffled by the water and the muted announce­ments of the helmsman. Parallel to the rowing strokes, the company values move typo­graphi­cally through the image. Those who follow the stair­case upwards gain a new perspective:

Here, the German eight is seen from the air. Now both the oar strokes and the commands can be heard clearly and distinctly. Thanks to two speaker systems, the motif-related sounds do not overlap. The powerful image radiates calm, consistency and at the same time dynamics and strength.

In this image, the digital artwork »Connected« can be seen in its entirety from above.

Mehnert Corporate Design conceived and designed the sail exclusively for Wilo. MCD recreated the image of the German eight in CAD and animated it completely.

The digital imple­mentation was done by MCD, the technical by tennagels Medien­technik.

In this picture you can see a detailed view of the LED module.
This picture shows the anchoring of the ropes of the digital artwork »Connected«.