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Wilo Pictograms
Wilo SE, Dortmund

The icon system is based on a uniform grid system and spanned curves that represent sections of a circle. The symbols are used for buildings, rooms, technical devices or the orientation system.

The scope of application ranges from simple information stickers to complex room control devices. The uniform line thick­ness makes the icons ideal for both small and large format appli­cations. The strong black and white contrast ensures that the icons are easy to recognize and can also be used on mono­chrome displays.

In addition to the mini­malist appearance, the alter­nation between straight and spanned curves provides a lively character, which facilitates the identi­fication of the content.

In this picture you can see the arrow icon.
On this picture you can see a selection of icons.
In this picture you can see the principle of circles for creating icons.
In this picture you can see the laptop icon.
This image shows icons that are preferably used in a digital context.
This picture shows a pictogram cube of the meeting rooms.
This photo shows two pictogram stickers in the toilet area.
In this photo you can see the display of the elevator.
On this image you can see the icon of the license plate capture.