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CTO Autumn Forum 2019, Origin needs future - Digital Business Models in Traditional Industries

October 2019, Neuhausen a.d.F.

This year's CTO Autumn Forum took place at Balluff GmbH, where Prof. Kurt Mehnert discussed the topic "Origin Needs Future - Digital Business Models in Traditional Industries" with numerous CTOs from leading companies.

This picture shows all participants of the CTO Autumn Forum 2019 in front of Balluf GmbH.
This picture shows a lecture at the CTO Autumn Forum 2019 at Walluf GmbH.

About the CTO Forum

The CTO Forum is a series of events organised by the Diesel Board of Trustees under the motto:
"The CTO is responsible for the technical vision of the company".

The members of the Diesel Trustees invite colleagues to the CTO Forum in order to discuss the current challenges facing CTOs across industries, to exchange experiences, to better network personally and to evaluate approaches by experts.

Overview of some topics

Dr. Frank Possel-Dölken: Digital transformation in traditional industries: How Future and Origin Match (Must Match)

Werner H. Bittner about: Strategy, construction process, digitalization -
Contradiction or logical turning point?

Maximilian von Löbbecke about: Development of a digital platform